Lido Theater

Snack Bar Before



When the snack bar in the classic 30s era Lido Theater needed to be modernized to accommodate the new proprietor (Lido Live), I was asked to develop a plan that would keep the art deco type feel while providing a functional work environment.

Snack Bar 3D Concept

3d concept


My concept illustration shows how new flat screen TVs will incorporate into the new design along with merchandise display cases, beer taps, and coffee station.

We will still be using stainless steel elements and dental moldings to keep with the existing look.

Snack Bar 2D

2d concept plans


2 dimensional illustrations depict the space in detail, showing the actual layout & dimensions of the space. These drawings are infinitely helpful for clients to get the big picture, as well as giving direction to the engineering team and crafts people.

This project is under the permit process, progress photos coming!


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