South Bay Front


100 S Bayfront: After


This 70s era house was in bad need of an update in both appearance and functionality when my clients purchased it in 2014. We had a couple of walk throughs and discussions about the direction that we wanted to take and decided (after much pontification) that we would go for an urban feel with a more indoor/outdoor friendly layout.


100 S Bayfront: Planning/Concept


This is the concept model that I developed in answer. We removed all of the siding and replaced with smooth finish stucco, squared off the front, adding awenings for the first and second floor patios, and placed a folding door unit across the entire front of the first floor.

I also rcofigured the roof to provide a large observation/tanning/party deck that overlooks the expanse of Newport Beach harbor & beaches. The cable railings and standing seam roofing give us that sleek urban feel that we were looking for (as well as being super practical).


100 S Bayfront: Before


This is a pic of the work in progress, the contractor has a ways to go, I'll keep posting as they near completion.


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